Thank you to the blog "A Legion for Liam!"

We would like to express our gratitude to Courtney Barnum for her and her ten-year-old son Liam's thoughtful review of our Autism toothbrushes at her blog "A Legion for Liam!" These toothbrushes, available in a kid-friendly size and an adult size, surround the tooth with soft bristles on all three sides. This makes it possible to thoroughly brush teeth in just one pass, and they work great with or without toothpaste. Autism toothbrushes are great for alleviating or preventing sensory triggers related to brushing. We are so glad to hear that Liam was able to go from barely brushing once a day to brushing twice a day using them!

Courtney's blog "A Legion for Liam!"  is dedicated to reviewing and suggesting products and gifts for people on the spectrum. Our product direction benefits greatly from having kind people like her and her son try our products. Although every individual on the spectrum will be different, Liam's personal experiences act as a great reference point for others. We highly recommend this blog for those who wish to buy a gift or item to make life easier for someone on the spectrum. Again, our gratitude to Courtney for featuring our products!





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