About Us


We are here to provide help to families who are working with the challenge of autism. The catalog on Brightautism.org features healthcare items, sensory development items, sensory toys for younger kids, and other items to help mothers with autistic children guide their child through development. We feel the catalog gives parents the impetus to be more engaged with their children's development. A mom with autistic children understands the need for items to build the relationship between her and her child. The goal of working with children is to reach an understanding between what is perceived to be helpful, and what is developmentally beneficial.

We will give the best customer service ever offered to a client. We feel the most important part of our business is not the profit or revenue, but the satisfaction parents get when they realize someone was there to help them, and they could rely on a company to provide solutions for them and their children. The primary focus of Brightautism.org is to continue building relationships with families and help the autistic mom without forsaking world class customer service. We want to be the most recognized name in the industry for the services we provide, and the lives we help touch on a daily basis.

We believe in four core ethics: growth, relationships, integrity, and passion. We are continuously growing and trying to improve our business for the sake of our customer base. We feel relationships exist to help us become more engaged with the community for which we serve. Integrity is the hallmark of any business. When working with toys to help the development of children as well as health items, integrity is paramount to creating a safe environment for the customer. We are passionate about our goals. We want to help those who are suffering from a dilemma of not knowing what is the right thing for their son or daughter. We want to serve the purpose of being there to assist with those challenging aspects of life and be the go-to resource for families.