About Us


We are here to provide help and hope to families who are faced with the numerous challenges associated with autism in a child. Our catalog features products to help with overall health, sensory development items, and toys for a variety of ages. We feel our catalog and product collections give parents the opportunity to be more engaged with their children’s development. Our ultimate goal at Bright Autism is to empower parents and teachers with the products and knowledge that will assist in the development of their children in the most productive and healthy way possible.

We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service. We feel the most important part of our business is not the profit, but the satisfaction parents get when they realize someone was there to help them, and that they could rely on a company to provide constructive solutions for themselves and their children. The primary focus of Bright Autism is to continue building relationships with families and help parents of autistic children without compromising world-class customer service. We aim to be the most recognized name in the industry for the products we sell, and the lives we help touch on a daily basis.

We believe in four core ethics: growth, relationships, integrity, and passion. We are continuously growing and trying to improve our business so that our customers always remain our top priority. We believe relationships exist to help us become more engaged with the communities we serve. When working with products of this nature, that help in the development and health of children, integrity is paramount to creating a safe and secure experience for the customer. We are passionate about our goals, and we want to help give hope to those who may feel like they are suffering through a dilemma of not knowing what the right product is for their son or daughter. We are here to assist with these challenging aspects of life as a go-to resource for families and those who regularly interact with autistic children.

For more information on what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can browse the best products for you in our Collections, too.