Pencil Grip Can Make All The Difference

 When your child was diagnosed with autism, you likely expected to deal primarily with social and emotional challenges. However, many parents are surprised to find that their child’s condition also affects their ability to write.

Children who are on the spectrum often encounter challenges with their fine motor skills that cause them to struggle with handwriting. Your child may complain of getting tired easily, or they may struggle with forming letters properly.

In either case, using a pencil grip designed for children with autism makes it possible to see a noticeable difference in your child’s abilities within the first homework session.

Reduce Hand Fatigue

Children with autism often press too hard as they write, and this places unnecessary stress on the muscles and tendons in their fingers. Holding the pencil wrong also tires out your child’s hand faster than holding it correctly. A pencil grip helps by making sure that your child holds the pencil in a position that does not place too much strain on their hands. Helping your child to lighten their grip improves handwriting by making it possible for them to move the pencil in the correct directions without feeling overtired.

Reinforce Good Handwriting Habits

With the pencil grip, you have the added advantage of removing yourself from the equation. During your child’s homework sessions, you no longer have to keep reminding them how to hold their pencil properly, which often triggers negative behavior. Instead, your child’s fingers instantly go to the right places. This also means that they will always hold their pencil correctly during times with less one-on-one support. Being able to keep their fingers in the right spot at school or daycare promotes independence while also making it virtually impossible for them to fall back into old habits.

Overcome Sensory Challenges

An ergonomic pencil grip also improves handwriting practice by creating a stable and reliable surface on which your child puts their fingers. This especially benefits children who have sensory issues such as not wanting to touch a pencil that may be too slick or have rough spots on the part that they hold. The soft and flexible silicone pencil grip creates a consistent surface for your child to put their sensitive fingertips on that turns any writing utensil into one that they want to use.

End Homework Meltdowns

Every parent dreams of raising a child that enjoys learning, and having trouble with handwriting makes it hard to teach your child the joy of developing the ability enjoy greater independence through writing. A pencil grip also helps your child’s writing by providing so many benefits that they no longer cry or refuse to do their homework. In fact, it’s amazing to watch how a simple pencil grip can quickly lead to new events such as children asking to do even more handwriting activities like drafting a letter to a friend.

Out of all of the supports that you include during homework time, using a pencil grip is one of the easiest to implement. Not only are they safe, portable and long-lasting, but watching as your child’s handwriting and academic confidence improves is life changing for your entire family.

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