How to Choose the Right Pencil Grip

Is there a correct way to hold a pencil?

A proper pencil grip improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue that comes with writing the wrong way.

As a parent, your child’s independence is very important to you. Many children can be fussy when learning how to write, especially if they feel like they can’t hold their pencil the right way, or if they feel like they can’t learn from the person teaching them. Introducing them to different pencil grips can help.

Children are increasingly finding it hard to hold pens and pencils due to the excessive use of technology. Holding a pencil correctly requires strong finger muscle control to produce legible writing and avoid discomfort.

Pencil grasp types: Wrong ways to hold a pencil

An illustration showing a proper pencil grip


A proper pencil grip is a component of handwriting.

When should a child hold a pencil correctly?

Most children naturally develop a pencil grip when they start drawing, let them choose what is comfortable for them at the beginning. In any kindergarten or school class, a variety of pencil grips will be seen. 

Here at Bright Autism, we provide two different pencil grips for preschoolers that will allow your child to hold their pencil the right way, on their own terms.

Types of Special Needs Pencil Grips:

  1. Two Fingers
  2. Double Thumb

Each of these three models offers unique features that work together to effectively guide your child on how to hold their pen or pencil properly.

Pencil Grippers for Preschooler: Pencil grip styles


A child’s hand practicing a proper pencil grip with a two finger model

This two fingers model can help your child to relieve pressure, and at the same time lead them to write correctly with a proper pencil grip. They have two holes that fix the thumb and index finger in place, allowing your child to hold their pencil the right way while also preventing skin irritation and blisters.

Designed for kids who are learning to write or have difficulty holding pens and pencils, this training pencil helps to cultivate children’s interest in writing and lets adults improve and correct their handwriting posture.

Recommended ages: 3 to 12 years old


A child practicing a proper pencil grip with a double thumb model

This double thumb model can help your kids to relieve pressure, at the same time leading them to write correctly. 

These pencil holders can be used by kids who are learning to write or have difficulty holding pens, guiding your kids to embrace a proper pencil grip by immobilizing their fingers in the designated proper position. 

Which is the best pencil grip?

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Let Bright Autism assist you with your child’s needs. We offer the highest quality products and outstanding customer service. We look forward to helping you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and follow our blog for more informative content. Browse all of our different pencil grips and our many other homeschooling products to make learning at home fun, easy, and effective. 

 Names of pencil grips:



  • two fingers model:
    So far so good for my daughter. She has low muscle tone and struggles with her writing. This is definitely keeping her fingers in the right spot.

    Anne G
  • DOUBLE-THUMB MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an awesome tool for my daughter to help her hold a pencil! Her teacher loved it!

  • 2 fingers model…These are awesome for my preschooler. We just keep them on a set of 4 pencils or pens & those are set apart just for her to use when she wants to write or draw.

  • My 7-year-old son has Autism and has always had a hard time gripping his pencil correctly which has affected his handwriting. I was looking for something comfortable and easy to use and double thumb model is it! He loves to use them and uses them when he does his homework every night they are helping correct his grip each time we use them little by little without pain, discomfort, and tears! Love these and def recommend this!

  • I can recommend two fingers grips, these grips are amazing. I have students in my autism classroom using them to help them hold the pencil the correct way when writing.


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