My child has been diagnosed with autism now what?  


Raising a Child with Autism

 There is nothing easy about raising a child who is on the Autism Spectrum. This is a difficult feat that can be challenging to overcome. The most important parts about raising a child who is on the autistic spectrum are coming to completely understand the disorder itself and gaining support as a parent for this child. We will discuss these issues in more detail below.





Understand Research and Understanding the Disorder

It is enormously helpful for you to do some research on what this disorder is. You may use online resources such as the National Institute of Health website and the Mayo Clinic website. These are both authoritative sources on medical issues.

It is recommended to get in touch with a counselor for developmental disabilities. To get the right information about the disorder, you may wish to set up an appointment. You may also find it useful to check out books from the library about the autistic spectrum disorder. The more real and important information the better.


 Now that your child has been diagnosed, it is completely necessary that you fully understand the nature of the disorder. This will help you to understand your child's perspective in greater detail. It will also prepare you to put in place measures to address your child's disorder.

 You should not be discouraged by the information that you find about it. It is a positive thing to be learning more about your child's perspective. Your research helps you to understand your child's experience and how to address your child's autism spectrum disorder.



Give Yourself Time

 Parents of children who have this disorder must give themselves time to process the information that their child has been diagnosed. You should not expect to feel comfortable with the diagnosis immediately. It is to be expected that you will need time to take in with this process and to come to terms with the fact that your child has been diagnosed with this disorder.


 You may find that it is important to give yourself time with soothing activities outside of your work or recreational activities. You may choose to join a book club or pick up your favorite novel for another read. You must make time for yourself.

 You will find that setting aside time for yourself helps you to move through the challenges of processing this information more smoothly. You should make downtime to relax so that you can process this knowledge with more ease.



Becoming Your Child's Advocate

 More so than anything else, your child needs you to be their advocate. As a parent, it is your job more than a teacher's or daycare providers to advocate for your child's well-being. This well of course comes naturally to you considering how much you love your child. You will need to enroll your child in the proper services to address his or her disorder. Parents are a child's whole world and with confidence in your abilities, there are no challenges that your child will not be able to overcome.



  • Thank you very beneficial. I am a grandmother of a 6 year old grandson on the spectrum. Day to day life is challenging for our family. So any i information on Autism is always helpful. I advocate alot for my grandson. Thank God we are working with a therapist so we will get there.

  • I’m a father to 4 year old autistic son from srilanka.
    the information sure helps.
    Thank you

    Sidhambaram Yashodaraj
  • I’m a grandmother to 4 year old autistic grandson. I am enjoying the smaller articles and getting the information sure helps. Thank you

    Marjorie Turner
  • I am a grandmother of an autistic grandson. I appreciate the articles I’ve read and they make things easy to understand issues. Thank you.

    Marjorie Turner
  • Thank you for the update. I’m a mom of an 11 year old son with Autism. I have been so involved in advocating for my son and other families who have a child with autism. I have been doing alot of parent to parent workshops and other workshops/seminars…

    Mia Dean

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