Avoid Handwriting Regression

Summer break is an enjoyable time for the kids. As a result, kids may regress and forget the learned skills in school. The summer-slide problem is not seen in every student, but it has a huge impact on the whole. What can parents do? Let us see how parents help the kids to keep engaged in writing and reading activities.

Let your child as he/she likes

Parents can encourage free style reading, if the child enjoys what he is reading he / she will be comfortable and soon enough make a habit out of it. Do not pressure them to read certain books or topics. Give them the freedom to choose. Kids are allowed to go through a wide range of books instead of selective ones. Parents shall check online sources. Free reading programs are available online for kids to practice.

Games and Puzzles

Give them interesting puzzles to think about and play simultaneously. Kids are given plenty of time to solve the puzzle with some breaks.

Let kids enter the kitchen

Allow the kids to enter the kitchen as a part of their educational experience or learning. It is a new method for kids to improve their skills by measuring ingredients and reading recipes. Kids are allowed to divide the dinner portion for family members. This task enhances the kids in calculation and logical reasoning skills.

Often writing

Engaging kids to write a lot.Writing constantly can improve their literacy skills further. Vocabulary acquisition is improved a lot. Parents shall request kids to write some information on a specific topic that is interesting. Kids shall write down some information they know about the topic either correctly or not.

Even creative writing or journal writing improves their skills to a great extent. Parents shall communicate something to their kids through writing at least twice a day. This technique refreshes the kids and triggers their skills further.


The above techniques are very important for children for avoiding handwriting regression during vacations. Parents' role is vital for the success of avoiding summer slides among the kids.

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