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Whether your child is mid-meltdown or just needs to relax for bedtime, it’s always useful to have autism calming tools on hand. These are some of the most effective and helpful ones for keeping your home peaceful and calming your child when needed.

Calming Sensory Sea Lamp

The magical, multicolored, water-like glow of the Calming Sensory Sea Lamp combined with the nature-themed relaxation sounds built in make it one of our most beautiful autism calming products.

The Calming Sea Lamp offers seven color-changing lighting modes, four relaxation sounds, an auto-off timer, and the ability to plug into your phone or computer to play your own music. It’s highly customizable while helping your child drift off to sleep. Its versatility and effectiveness are what make it absolutely essential for your home.

Read our blog How to Get My Child to Sleep Alone? for extra help with your child at bed time.

Light from the Sensory Sea Lamp, our most beautiful autism calming product

Bright Calming Essential Oil  for anxiety and stress relief-10ml

In the world of autism calming products, it doesn’t get much more “essential” than essential oils. Our Bright Calming Essential Oil has the perfect aroma therapeutic blend for keeping your child relaxed and totally calm for bedtime or otherwise stressful events.

In a package that is easy to carry and simple to apply to your child’s chest or the back of their neck, this autism calming tool is as convenient as it gets. Plus, it’s been tested in third-party laboratories, proving that it’s trustworthy and effective.


Beautiful, fun, and colorful, the TAP-TAP LED Lights provide safe and calming sensory stimulation for your child. These autism calming products are highly customizable, easy to use, and help with communication and social interaction as well as helping to relax your child.

Plus, they’re effective and simple to install. Not only are they great for your child, but they’re also a wonderful purchasing experience for you as a parent.

LED lights that make great autism calming tools

TightySheet™- Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

We all remember how good it feels to get tucked into bed. So you can imagine how it feels when the TightySheet™- Sensory Compression Bed Sheet keeps you feeling that way. The compression and stretchy fabric make it one of our best autism calming products for bedtime.

The sheet’s gentle pressure will help your child relax and get a good night’s sleep. And that leads to one of the best benefits of these autism calming tools - it helps you get a good night’s sleep, too.

Stretchy Tubes

Our Stretchy Tubes improve a child’s gross motor skills, coordination, and dexterity. They’re fun to attach to each other, or to play with on their own. But beyond any of that, they’re great for helping a child focus and calm down in just about any situation.

These may be the most fun autism calming products on the list, and the most versatile. Great as both toys and tools, they’re an excellent purchase for any parent of a child with autism.

Stretchy Tubes are our funnest autism calming products

Everyone has their own method of relaxation, and that includes children with autism. No tool will be one-size-fits-all. But if you’re looking for a diverse set of products to assist in any situation, you won’t go wrong with the ones on this list. If you’re looking for something different, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help!


  • Can I get these products anywhere in Canada ?

  • Our 3 yr old grandson has been diagnosed w high spectrum autism. I’m looking for ways to understand and to help him. He is in therapy for speech, sensory and behavioral. He is making improvements however his communication skills / speech are lacking

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