Sensory Hair Brush

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Sensory Hair Brush
Sensory Hair Brush
Sensory Hair Brush
Sensory Hair Brush
Sensory Hair Brush
Sensory Hair Brush

This Sensory Hair Brush is Ideal for Your Kids Overly Sensitive Scalps.

Children with autism typically suffer from a condition known as sensory processing disorder. Many personal care activities like brushing their teeth and brushing their hair can be difficult to tolerate, which can cause a personal care deficit.

This silicone hair brush is great for kids with autism because it provides a gentle alternative for what might otherwise be a painful yet necessary activity. Plus, it can be soothing, fun to use, and, best of all, encourage the independent behavior.


  • Perfect Hair Scalp Massager: Extremely relaxing for treating high stress/anxiety.
  • Stimulates the Scalp: The brush will gently massage the scalp, creating a positive environment for hair growth and improving blood circulation. 
  • Ideal for Shower Use: Use it in the shower with shampoo for great results.
  • Encourages Independence: It will encourage a self-sustained, comfortable routine in or out of the shower.  
  • Easy to clean: quick dry and no residue for germs breeding, more hygienic than traditional brushes.
  • Zero irritation even for sensitive skins.
  • Material: environmental protection rubber shell+ silicone teeth

Sensory Strategies for Hair Brushing:

  • Brush hair twice a day to build up a tolerance and to establish a routine.
  • Apply firm pressure.
  • Having the person distracted may help, for example keeping the TV on in the background.
  • Brushing in front of a mirror may help tolerance and confidence.
  • Use conditioner in the shower, and detangling spray prior to brushing.
  • Use firm, downward strokes and avoid light strokes.
  • Encourage the person to brush his or her own hair.
  • Start with a small number of strokes, such as 5, to make it predictable, and gradually.