Forbrain - BrightAutism
Forbrain - BrightAutism
Forbrain - BrightAutism
Forbrain - BrightAutism
Forbrain - BrightAutism
Forbrain - BrightAutism
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Forbrain - BrightAutism

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The groundbreaking discovery that uses neuroplasticity to make new brain connections:

 Brain training for a better life

  • Helps to improve attention

  • ​Helps to improve vocalization

  • ​Helps to improve social interaction

  • ​Mood regulator

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Scientifically proven

Forbrain is a learning device scientifically proven to improve cognitive processes. Created by the owners of the Tomatis® Method, Forbrain uses the voice to train the brain to process sensory information more effectively

From the moment you speak, the device modulates the sound of your voice using the dynamic filter. This revolutionary technology analyzes and enhances the voice, amplifying frequencies and rhythm. The headphones immediately transmit the sounds back to you through bone conduction via the temporal bones, which retrains the brain’s auditory feedback loop.

Patented Dynamic Filter
Processes and produces a corrected voice
Bone Conduction Transducers
Enhances sound transmission via the temporal bones
User Microphone
Capture the sound waves of your voice

Regulates child's energy and mood:

Forbrain is a safe, non-invasive device that’s easy to use. Our powerful technology immediately enhances self-awareness and vocalization which improves the wearer’s speech and motivates them to practice. Children also think the headphones are super cool and fun to use!

Key features:

  • Increase Attention:  Forbrain keeps the brain alert which helps sustain attention and reduce distraction. These qualities aid clearer thinking and memory.
  • Clearer Speech: Grow their self-confidence and communication ability. Forbrain provides real-time vocal feedback that encourages clearer speech.
  • Stronger Reading: The device boosts reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency — a vital skill set for understanding texts and their meanings.
  • Stronger Memory: Forbrain improves the activation of auditory pathways in the brain during speech, enabling better information retention.


Therapists use Forbrain to improve perception:

  • For children who are non-verbal it can help them become aware of their own voice and increase their vocalizations.
  • ​For children who are verbal it can motivate them to talk more, and the slightly louder input can also help reinforce new language targets.
  • ​For children who have trouble staying present, it can help them stay grounded and focused as it gives them slightly louder feedback compared to background noises that might otherwise be distracting to them.
  • For children with mood swings, it can be relaxing hearing their own voice improving the ability to regulate energy and mood.

Forbrain at home

There are no magical activities or special exercises to do with the Forbrain; the best way to use it is to simply place it on the child during your normal session activities such as talking, playing, reading. (particularly those involving vocalisations / speech / language). 

Aim to use it for 10 - 30 minutes per day.



The 30 Days Money Back Guarantee + 2 Year warranty included!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sofia Garcia
Great product!

Works great !

T. Freedman
Must Have Tool!

I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist and I use the Forbrain with many of my patients. We are seeing excellent outcomes, particularly in terms of improved clarity of speech production, modulation of vocal loudness level, improved prosody, positive changes in both facial and vocal affect and greater attention for processing (receiving, storing, organizing and retrieving) information that comes in along the auditory pathway. My patients that use the Forbrain range in age from 6-8 years old to over 70 years with a wide variety of diagnoses. We're also seeing these outcomes maintained over time. It's an excellent product; well made; simple and easy to use.

Wonderful Device

The Forbrain is a wonderful device that I've used in my occupational therapy practice as well as my home life. Although it's meant to work on speech-related issues. I use it for focus, memory, and voice quality.

C. Stewart
Worth it -great results!

This product is obviously designed for helping those with auditory processing or other sensory issues. There is no delay or echo whatsoever it works by bone conduction which is a critical difference from other devices that are available more cheaply. We were able to try it at our daughters therapists place for the last month and has dramatically improved her focus- they are working with visual and vestibular integration therapies which involve the auditory system. I am buying this for use at home to help with her focus doing math homework and reading. We are seeing major results. For those who need it this is a fantastic product and I'm very happy that it is available for a home purchase. High quality sensory therapy!

Great device

My daughter has some delays with memory, processing and expressive language. Her OT was using this and she loves it!! Its the first thing she asks for when we start her therapy. I have seen improvements with her language and memory and decided to purchase this to use daily instead of one time a week.
i am very very excited to get my daughter using this daily. From the studies i read, the therapists and the parents i spoke to who have and use this daily there should be a big impact on her skills.
Great product that i am excited to start using right away!