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Hugger Vibrating Pillow for Sensory Needs

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Introducing this groundbreaking pillow that offers soothing vibrations on demand, making it the perfect companion for a variety of situations, whether it's bedtime, car rides, or simply unwinding after a long day. 

As soon as you squeeze it, our pillow springs to life with gentle vibrations. Kids absolutely adore hugging or cuddling the pillow to relax and find calm. It delivers a warm and comforting embrace for anyone seeking relaxation and emotional balance. 

Designed particularly for children with sensory difficulties, autism, or sensory dysfunction, our pillow can help calm those who require more sensory input or assist hypersensitive children in gradually building their tolerance for different sensations. 

kid sleeping with his calming vibrating pillow

The Hugger Pillow combines the best of both worlds, offering a comprehensive range of benefits to soothe your senses and promote your overall well-being.

  1. Sensory Soothing and Stress Relief: Embrace instant stress relief as the gentle vibrations of the Hugger Pillow melt away tension, providing a serene and refreshing experience. 
  2. Enhanced Sleep Quality: Providing a soothing and comforting massage, your children will drift into a restful sleep with ease.
  3. Elevated Mood: Experience a boost in your children's mood as the Hugger Pillow's vibrations stimulate the release of endorphins, fostering a sense of happiness and overall well-being.

    sensory vibrating pillow features

    The Hugger Pillow's effectiveness lies in its innovative design, which replicates the gentle touch of a human embrace through advanced vibrating technology. Through carefully applied pressure, the Hugger Pillow offers a serene sensation that effectively reduces tension, while simultaneously calming the mind. Also, it's texture helps providing a sensory expirience.

    This unique sensory experience is invaluable for autistic children, addressing a wide range of sensory needs, from seeking sensory feedback to helping hypersensitive kids tolerate sensations.  

  1. *The Hugger Pillow utilizes 2 AA batteries 
  2. *Remove The Vibrating Device And All The Sponge Material Before Washing The Textured Cloth.
  3. *To Dry The Sponge Material , Use A Damp Cloth
  4. *Dry In A Ventilated And Cool Place. Do Not Dry In The Sun.

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