Why my child experience motor difficulties?  


Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that there are multiple types of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While the spectrum can vary widely from child to child, there are multiple classifications. If you’re interested in understanding autism spectrum disorder, it’s important that you’re aware of each diagnosis and its corresponding symptoms. The severity of ASD is classified in DSM-5 levels from Level 1 ASD (mild) to Level 5 ASD (severe).

Motor delays in children with autism 

Children with autism often experience motor delays that affect their qualify of life and standard of living. These delays range from problems with a gait to difficulty with handwriting. Many children have low muscle tone and/or issues maintaining a good posture. Because of this, it causes issues with sitting upright and walking for the same reasons.  

 Moreover, children under the spectrum have commonalities between themselves but not all of them experience the same deficits. Another issue with motor skills is hand-eye coordination. The children who have issues with this will have difficulties in a wide range of movements. They vary from catching a ball to imitating movements.


This is why many children who are autistic are “socially awkward”. They are unable to reach social cues. As someone without delay, you can look at someone who is angry and know they are angry. You see the wrinkle near their nose or their slanted eyes. A child with autism might not pick up on those facial cues the same way. 



 There are steps parents can take to help their child overcome these difficulties. Parents should be willing to have their children go through both physical therapy and occupational therapy.

  • Physical therapy will help them gain strength in their muscles while occupational therapy will help teach them how to brush their hair or teeth and get dressed properly and safely.
  • Also, find a way to help your child express. Allow them to play music or practice art. Encourage them to do yoga or play sports (as long as their physically able to safely play).
  • The best thing that can be done is trying to catch it at an early age. The earlier a child can get the extra help the better he/she will adapt. Don’t be afraid to tell them why it is important for them to exercise, get good sleep, and strengthen their mind as well as their body. 



 There are many different opinions as to why a child acquires this type of developmental delay. As of right this moment, it is just speculation. Doctors do know that delays in connectivity between the parts of the brain are what contribute to the delay in motor skills.

Just know, just because a child will have to take a few extra steps to ensure they are strong enough to improve their quality of life, it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to live a happy and healthy life.

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