Spring Cleaning: organizing spaces for Children with ASDS

Spring cleaning is a great time to develop new positive habits. When children can find everything they need, they cut down the time it takes to get ready. Reduce anxiety by organizing your living spaces into a calming place. To get started, break it up into several smaller projects.

First, organize clothing into categories; sleepwear, socks, underthings, shirts, and pants. Create an assembly line visual flow to getting ready. For example, underthings drawer next to the bed, while shoes closer to the door as they exit. Bins can help separate items inside drawers. Use an easy folding method to keep everything organized. Pants rolled into logs standing up inside drawers. Making items visible eliminates time wasted on searching for things.

Next, organize books and papers by topics. Limit books on shelves to prevent overcrowding and declutter excess. The one-in-one-out rule keeps books in check. Keep track of everything by using a different color folder for each topic for loose paper. Before adding new papers into the folder select the date when to recycle.

Toys and collections fill our children with joy. Taking the time for organizing these precious items can help relieve anxiety. Items should never wander around the room. Assigning each one a specific home makes it simple to find that item. Combine small items into a clear plastic bag to view items without opening. Plan by included extra spaces for future items.



More Helpful Support Methods

  • Establish time management practices. A daily activity planner can be a great way to help those with autism manage time. A list using color coding can rank tasks. Checking tasks off with a checkmark when completed helps register achievements.



  • Everyone can benefit by having reminders. Visual supports can help children with ASDS understand what happens next. A picture card can illustrate each task they need to complete in order. Lists, calendars, and objects are alternatives to pictures.


  • Color coding can help individuals focus on tasks in a prioritized sequence. Tasks placed in a yellow box indicating importance, while red signals urgent. Another option is to assign colors for each class subject.



  • Using an electronic device to set up calendar reminders can have a big impact. Make reminders to meet your needs. Hourly tasks can be completely different based on the the week. A text message is a direct method of contacting somebody.

Developing new habits can be difficult. Yet the systems explained here can have lasting positive effects. Stop wasting time searching for items. Knowing every item is safe and sound in its home will reduce anxiety. Take action this spring cleaning season to make lasting changes for those with ASDS.

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