Who can benefit from SOUNDSORY®?

SOUNDSORY®has been mainly designed for children (3+) and adults with:

  • Motor delays, balance and coordination issues
  • Autism spectrum and developmental issues
  • Sensory and Auditory processing disorderHow quickly can we expect results?

It depends on the individual’s profile, goals and what else is being done along with SOUNDSORY® to accomplish these goals. The brain needs a certain amount of repeated stimulation in order to develop new connections, reorganize itself and stabilize improvement. Some people see change within a few days, others after completion of forty days of the program. There is no way to know in advance the exact amount of time it will take.

Can a successful outcome be predicted?

It is not possible to predict with certainty that multi-sensory training will be successful in achieving specific goals. The best results are achieved when it is followed diligently and used constantly. Often, results are even seen in areas that were not initially identified for change.

Will the results be maintained or fade over time?

SOUNDSORY® is designed to educate or reeducate the brain to better process sensory information. Once the brain is able to correctly process such information there will be many benefits especially in enhanced cognitive and emotional skills. The most measurable effects usually occur 2-9 months after completion of the program

What is the protocol of the program and what do you recommend to get the most out of it?

The program length is 40 days divided in two blocks of 20 days each. Each session per day comprises of 30 minutes of rhythmic music listening with body-movement exercises. We recommend doing one session a day, 5 to 7 times per week.

You should do the sessions when you feel most calm and comfortable during the day. You should relax while doing the program and avoid doing anything which requires attention or generates effort or stress. You should not use a screen and drive a car but you can be creative or just enjoy the music. The music is very catchy and dynamic; feel free to move with the music.

What if I/my child has auditory sensitivity and can’t wear headphones?

One of the most consistent areas of success with SOUNDSORY® is reducing auditory and tactile sensitivity. We typically recommend beginning with shorter sessions and increasing them gradually as the sensitivity decreases. For some children, it is best to start the first few sessions in an emotionally secure environment such as the practice of a professional.

Can I redo the SOUNDSORY® Program once I have finished the 40 days sessions?

Yes, but you first need to take a break for at least 4 weeks. Sometimes, “less is more”. The SOUNDSORY® Program consists in stimulating the vestibular and auditory systems. This can be taxing for the brain. After a long period of stimulation, it needs time to integrate those changes.

Is there any particular side effect?

SOUNDSORY® is safe. It stimulates the brain in a natural manner with music and movement exercises. Still, it provides brain stimulation through a multi-sensory workout. It is possible that you or your child feel an increase in emotionality and have some sleep disturbance. You are experiencing what is called “disorganization before reorganization”. It often occurs during periods of rapid growth as the nervous system reorganizes itself. This is a phase of developmental growth. Often we can see this struggle for independence emerge as children become more integrated, gain increased awareness of their emotions, and their ability to communicate.

Is the SOUNDSORY® Program complementary to other approaches and treatments?

It is perfectly fine to use SOUNDSORY® with traditional treatment and interventions. We also strongly recommend integrating Forbrain®, which includes language, into the process, which will reinforce the impact of sessions. Because SOUNDSORY® is already a listening training, we don’t recommend adding other listening programs to your daily sessions.

Are there any precautions, limitations or inappropriate uses of the SOUNDSORY® Program?

SOUNDSORY® is designed for anyone. It is specifically adapted to people with:

  • Motor delays, balance and coordination
  • Autism spectrum and developmental issues
  • Sensory and Auditory processing disorders
  • We don’t recommend the use of SOUNDSORY® in the following cases, Parkinson’s disease, Brain seizure, Chronic Muscle Spasms, Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease.
  • SOUNDSORY® is not adapted to help people with emotional difficulties.

If you have any doubts, we recommend that you begin your SOUNDSORY® program under the guidance of a therapist. If for any reason you don’t feel good during or following a session, we ask that you stop the program until you feel well.

Can I use it with hearing loss or a Cochlear implant ?

Individuals with hearing loss can benefit from SOUNDSORY® if they have not lost more than 70% on both sides, or more than 80% on one side. Individuals wiht a cochlear implant should not use Soundsory. If you have external hearing aids, you should take those off for your SOUNDSORY® Sessions.

What are the benefits of using the SOUNDSORY® Program?

SOUNDSORY® is easy to use, safe and efficient. It is a home-based multi-sensory training which combines sound with movement to stimulate the vestibular and auditory systems. Considering its price and protocol of use, SOUNDSORY® is much more user-friendly than any other auditory and listening programs and integrates some of the most advanced technology such as dynamic filter, bone conduction and rhythmical music.

What makes SOUNDSORY® different from other therapeutic programs?

SOUNDSORY® is a home-based, multi-sensory training program, which combines sound with movement to stimulate the vestibular and auditory systems simultaneously. Listening sessions are provided with a unique technology which integrates rhythmical music processed with a dynamic filter and transmitted through bone and air conduction. Body movement exercises focus on building proprioceptive abilities through specific, repetitive movement exercises.

Used in addition with Forbrain®, SOUNDSORY® provides a complete sensory workout. Additionally, it can be done simultaneously with other interventions (e.g. tutoring, ABA, counseling).

SOUNDSORY® is easy-to-use and efficient. Still, the program cannot be individualized for each profile and does not include the specific advanced settings of the Tomatis® Method. Once you have completed a full program, we invite you to contact a Tomatis® Professional to access the individualized listening sessions.

Can SOUNDSORY® replace other listening programs?

Because it is designed with the most advanced technology, SOUNDSORY® can replace most of the traditional listening and auditory programs which do not provide advanced technologies, such as bone conduction or the dynamic filter effect. As a complement to Forbrain®, it provides a strong and complete multi-sensory training.

Still, it will never replace the expertise and the support of a professional. Also, as a home-based program, settings cannot be adapted to each profile and cannot be considered as replacing the Tomatis® Method.


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