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Over the past several decades, essential oils, have rapidly grown more popular among people who wish to enhance their environment, mind, and soul with healing fragrances.

Perhaps one of the most interesting developments has been an increasing awareness about how essential oils can help kids with autism.

While there is limited research in using essential oils in children, it’s hard to ignore the testimonials from parents in helping improve soft skills like transitions, sleeping and remaining calm and focused.


Essential oil is a liquid distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, and/or other parts of a plant. 

The composition and aroma of essential oils are said to provide many psychological, emotional, and physical therapeutic benefits for people. These benefits can be gained by either inhaling the scent or by applying diluted versions to the skin, as directed.


    Can kids with ASD and ADHD benefit from essential oils?

    Essential oils are becoming an increasingly used technique for treating children and individuals with autism. 

    Often, children with ADHD and ASD have difficulty focusing on one activity or task. When they are engaged in their daily activities they may be easily distracted. It is challenging for them to complete one task before jumping to another, and they are often physically unable to sit still. 

    Essential oils are powerful tools for effectively improving your kids' focus, concentration level, and memory. This is perhaps one of the reasons these oils for ADHD and autism are gaining in popularity these days. Essential oils can penetrate the skin and cross the brain-blood barrier to reach the amygdala and other limbic parts of the brain that control our mood and emotions. Whether it is to elevate mood, ease tension or to feel more alert, using essential oils can help bring focus to a busy day.

    This is a simple and quick way to initiate a quick physical and emotional response in the brain. 
    Here at, we provide an Essential Attention Oil specially made to help your child stay on task by focusing on what’s in front of them. 


     PlantTherapy Essential Attention Oil Roll-On -10ml

    Whether they struggle at school or lack focus at home, A+ Attention can help.

    The essential oils found in this synergy are calming and balancing to the mind.

    This essential oil is a blend of:

    • Petitgrain: Is known to be uplifting, calming and balancing. 
    • Bergamot: Known as an excellent mood enhancer, bergamot can be an exceptional essential oil for autism. It helps create a feeling of joy, freshness, and energy by improving the circulation of blood.  
    • Cedarwood Atlas: It has calming and relaxing properties; its scent promotes the release of serotonin, which is then converted into melatonin in the brain. This can help children enjoy peaceful and restorative sleep.

    • Grapefruit: Helps Balance Mood. It helps to treat anxiety and depression
    • Lavender: It has a calming effect on children on the autism spectrum and can help improve sleep quality, as well as reduce anxiety and emotional stress.
    • Vetiver: The oil’s relaxing and calming properties are said to help children combat symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, being distracted, and impatience.


    • Helps children improve their concentration and focus.
    • Helps them fixate on the task at hand so their mind doesn’t wander.





    • Hi i have just ordered At attention roll on i just want to know if i am going to get my product as the money has come out.

      Vesna Rapesovski
    • I just purchased and sent to my daughter to try this with my grandson. In her words “This is a life saver!”

    • Many autistic kids have oral fixations. Is this product safe if they put it in their mouth?

      Wendy Dufour
    • Many autistic kids have oral fixations. Is this product safe if they put it in their mouth?

      Wendy Dufour

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