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Get better therapy results and support the growth of your child’s cognitive development for a stronger start in life.

Professionals who guide therapeutic programs can see benefits for people with a range of conditions related to speech and language, hearing, attention, learning, memory, and emotional processing.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Forbrain can support your programs or treatment plans for difficulties related to speech and/or language. Encourage smoother speech and promote self-expression.

Occupational Therapists

Take a holistic approach to client care with the addition of Forbrain. You can more effectively communicate with patients making them more comfortable to interact.

Special Education Needs Teachers

Using Forbrain as an aid, teachers can help special education needs students to stay focused and get more out of the classroom and their relationships.

ADHD Experts

Forbrain helps people with ADHD focus and offers a natural, non-invasive approach to treatment. Leverage Forbrain to build skills within their ideal structured environment.


The voice and emotional regulation are interlinked. When Forbrain accompanies therapy, people express themselves with more energy and confidence, and better connect with those around them.


Achieve training outcomes faster for those who develop people on singing, voice, behavioral change, language, and corporate coaching.

There are many ways to use Forbrain depending on the person’s unique needs and goals. Why not give activities like vocal play, reading, social games, and singing a go?




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