Ideas to Make Back to School Easier

The new school year is exciting and has many expectations from students and parents after a long gap due to Covid-19. The transition phase which children will experience, especially children under the spectrum, is challenging. To ease with the transition phase, the following tips or ideas to make back to school easier.

Implement a morning routine to get ready for school

Implement a morning routine at least six weeks before the first school day. This step brings your child back to the school setting again. The morning routine includes a visual chart having images in a logical order that show a children's preparation for school daily. The schedule includes waking up from bed and getting ready for school.

Practice school routines

To avoid hesitations and fear of your kid, you can practice school routines in your home under your guidance. The home routine tasks helps your kid to feel relaxed, comfortable and get adjusted to the new school year. 

What are the routines that your kid shall practice?

  • Wearing school uniform
  • wearing shoes
  • eating lunch from lunch box
  • enquiring the teacher or the class for him
  • wearing a school hat
  • sitting on the floor by using the mat

    If possible, meet classmates and teachers before school starts

    Arranging a virtual meeting schedule for your kid is the best technique to know his teacher and classmates earlier. Due to face-to-face meeting difficulty in holiday time, virtual meetings help your kid familiarize with teachers and classmates before school starts. This step may ease the anxiety that can arise from the first day of school.

    To go the extra mile, you can post your teacher's photo in a place of your home where your children see it. You can arrange a visit to the school with your kid at least one week before school starts This will help your kid avoiding anxiety and nervousness on the first day of reopening. 

    Do not forget the academic activities during the summer

    Speak with the teacher about summer activities for your children. Summer activities may reduce the downslide effect on your kid. A long gap in the pandemic phase can have a negative impact on your kid's learning skills and growth. To cope with knowledge updates and learning, engage your kids with some interesting fun and game activities.

    Expect the unexpected

    Observe the kid closely for any changes during the first week. Planned situations are not a big deal for your kid at the school. However, some unexpected situations may occur and  make your kid feel anxious and overwhelmed. So, advanced preparation will help your kid to face unexpected things.


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