Haircut Tips for Autistic Children

Haircuts for people with autism can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Problems can be associated with a number of nuances, from sensory problems to anxiety, to what will happen during the haircut process. 

Before you cut your child’s hair, consider the following: 

— Talk with the manager about the possibility of going to the salon in advance, so that your child can become acquainted with the environment. 

— Plan a visit to the hairdresser for a time when the salon is not very crowded, so that distractions and unpleasant experiences can be limited. 

— Talk to the stylist about the sensory features of your child in advance. 

— Identify the visual supports or items that your child likes and prefers. Your child can earn a “prize” for the successful implementation of the instructions that are offered to him. In the case of some children, it may be a complete end to the hair cutting process, in other cases it can only mean the completion of a given number of steps. And as soon as these steps are fully mastered, you can add additional steps right up to the complete passage through the whole process. It is important that the child copes with the task and receives a reward at the end of the training session. Thus, this experience will be remembered by the child as positive. 

— Step by step discuss with your child the process of haircut in the salon (see further, visual schedule). 

You can also practice home hair care. With home hair care, these tips are also applicable. 

Visual schedule 

In the case of autistic people, visual support is often useful in the form of visual timetable. A child's family can print photos and create any visual schedule for the child. 

Some families print a list of planned activities and mark the already completed items with “tick marks”. 

For some children, encouragement is required after each step they take. Others can perform some, many, or even all, steps before they are rewarded. For each child it is important to choose his own suitable pace for training.
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