Essential Oils for Autism and ADHD  


Choosing the Right Essential Oils for Children with Autism and ADHD

Autism affects 1 in 45 children throughout the United States. The autistic spectrum indicates that children can be diagnosed over the age of four, but there have been cases where it's been diagnosed as young as age two. Children with ASD need to have a scheduled routine throughout their daily activities. 

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Benefits of Essential Oils

Before giving your child herbal oil, it's important to know what they're used for and how they'll affect your child's health. For instance, peppermint oil is good for promoting a healthier digestive system.

It can relieve stomach upsets and enable the stomach to function properly. Oil is used in various ways such as perfumes, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. Essential oils can also help with relaxation, mood disorders like Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder (ADHD), headaches, treatment of diabetes and helps calm autistic children. 

  • Mandarin Oil

Helps reduce stress levels and is calming to autistic children. It can also help treat acne. It also is considered the best oil for kids because of its citrus aroma. 

  • Lavender Oil

Is best known for improving sleep. It also fights stress brought on by emotional anxiety. It can reduce headaches, aid in healing wounds and burns, and serve as a natural herb for diabetes.

  • Chamomile Oil

Can reduce behaviors often associated with ADHD and autism. Its extracted herbs are used to control hypertension and hyperactivity.

  • Orange Oil

Calms also calms the nerves and acts as a balance between emotions and stressful situations. 

  • Roman Chamomile Oil

Helps ease the mind and calm nerves by breathing in the steam. It's very useful for dry skin and inflammation. 

Why Choose Essential Oils as Autism Treatment

 Parents with autistic children understand the cost of therapy and doctor appointments every week or several times a week. They're looking for an alternative and less expensive treatment and oil is a natural herb.

 The oil can avoid medical bills, useful on long road trips, and relax children with ADHD and autistic sensory issues. The importance of the oil is known for decreasing anxiety in autistic children. 




  • Can you use more than one essential oil at a time? I already use study time daily but would like to use lavender oil for digestion and calming oil? Can you just use a dab of each or a little more? If they are 7 years old can you use regular essential oils and do you sell them ready to use without being diluted? Thank you.

    Rita Riggs
  • Can you use more than one oil at a time? And how much do you rub on them? Just a dab or a little more? Do you sell essential oils? Thank you. I already use study time.

    Rita Riggs
  • Is there a certain way to use the oils? Where to put the oil that would benefit the best.

    Anita McCracken

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