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People who suffer from autism have trouble with communication and social situations. They often have repetitive or restrictive patterns in regards to their thoughts and behaviors; and an individual with autism will have problems pertaining to their motor skills and sensory processing.

How Autism Can Affect Motor Skills

Motor development is very important for each and everyone of us. These skills allow us to grab items we need, walk on a daily basis, and even chew our food so we do not choke.
Studies have shown that if problems regarding motor skills are not addressed, then the problems will persist through adult years. This creates a great challenge for an individual who is struggling with autism. If you are noticing that your child is behind in regards to their motor skills, then there are activities you can introduce that will assist them in their learning so they can advance their gross as well as fine motor skills.

Ways To Help Children with Autism Improve Their Motor Skills

  • Allow your child to put money into a piggy bank.
  • Print out shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles, and allow them to cut the shapes out.
  • Present squeeze toys to your child.
  • Let them draw in the dirt or sand.
  • Let them play with slime or putty.

Try to incorporate a game or activity daily to ensure they will continually grow and increase their motor skills. If you find that they tend to melt down because of something you have introduced, then it is wise to consider that they are being overloaded in a sensory manner. 

For more tips and activities about fine motor skills, check our blog Fine motor skills activities for kids

Allow them to take a break, and try to introduce the object at a later date.

Sensory Processing Disorder: Tips you can teach at home

What most people see as a tantrum or an autistic person acting out is actually their way of coping with sensory processing. 
Sensory Processing Disorder affects thousands of children with autism. The combination of autism and sensory processing disorder can bring parents and other family members under undue stress if it isn't managed effectively. How can you help your child and create the best environment possible for them?
Sensory disorder means that the brain has challenges with receiving information and responding to information. This is why your child could be overly sensitive to anything in their environment, and it becomes evident through their senses. This could include loud noises, or perhaps certain types of smells that they feel are overwhelming. 
Firstly, parents can help their children best by learning more about sensory processing disorder. It is important to learn the true definition of it and understand what it is. This is because it helps you get a grip on their behavior patterns. It can lessen the feeling of outrage when you feel they are "acting up", rather than getting angry or upset. There's no need to lash out at your child because they will most likely respond in a more negative fashion.
Observing what triggers their behavior can also be helpful. This will help you become more aware of when an outburst may occur. It's okay to take notes when these incidents occur. You want to be keenly aware of your surroundings, and be sure to avoid the places or events that could trigger their responses.
There are now more sensory friendly products and toys for children who struggle with sensory processing disorder. There are now a wide variety of sensory puzzles, fidget toys, bundles, and other items that are great for children with sensory disorder. Little areas where they feel enclosed and off to themselves are often helpful. 
There is no such thing as a child that cannot be helped. Children with autism just need parents that are willing to be patient with them, and understand their behavior.

Just remember, when it gets difficult, it's okay to ask for help.


  • Occasionally someone answers to these, but do you ever wonder when you have an ASD child with you ,you try n do something yourself n suddenly they want you to do something as well it’s as if your an octopus, it’s really annoys you at times.All I say one job at a time, carnt do everything.

    Paula varley
  • Recently within the last few months or so,never did this last year, he has started Swearing S Word ,trying to fight me, screaming his head off and has slapped his mum accross the face, and got same thing back ,he had broken a few things in the house including the TV which he now pays for, sometimes al because he carnt get his own way that’s why he scream.I’ve told him Swraring wont help just makes you self look a fool.He is 8yrs old I just don’t want to know him at the moment.

    Paula varley
  • Always find these interesting as my son has asd sometimes does annoy me when go food shopping won’t let me pay for the items or he goes off in the shop looks somewhere else then I carnt find him looking elsewhere even outdoors when he is just close by n makes me look a fool.

    Paula varley
  • HELP!!! Brushing teeth is a nightmare.Our 5yr.old screams and cries like we’re killing him. The neighbors are asking about it. Also,with potty training,he’s transitioning from pull ups to real underwear and not liking it one bit. Any suggestions?

    Mary Hitchcock
  • Where can I find visuals about potty training and brushing teeth for children if color.

    Genia Sabathia

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