4 Sensory Stimulation Activities for Autism


Varying needs and different ranges of behavior are typical characteristic features of children with autism. Hence, activities based on individual support are always targeted for these children to cope up. However, children with autism have difficulties understanding, communicate, react and processing sensory details.

Benefits of sensory activities 

Sensory activities that help in different ways are as follows.

  • Stimulate brain thereby enhancing sensory processing system.
  • Social skills are improved, and hence communication skills and interaction are improved.
  • Motor skills are improved, such as coordination. It includes even gross motor skills.
  • Sensory activities calm down the children if they are overactive and agitated.

What are the Sensory Activities Ideas that improve children with Autism?

The following simple sit-at-home sensory activities improve the children with autism a lot. Let us see some of the sensory activities here for your understanding.

  • Ball pit

The ball pit activity requires at least 200 balls to play. Keep the balls in different colors ready. Make a pit by blow-up pool or tent for storing the balls into it. Even you shall go for a giant box for pit purpose. Start pouring all the balls inside the pit made by you. Let the kid dive in and swim around the pit here and there. Ask him to speak about the color of the ball and its shape. 

Benefit: By this activity, the autistic kid gets a mini massage on his pressure points by the balls. Motor skills are improved by this activity.

  • Pouring station

This entertaining activity for kids requires the following materials.

Different sizes of the following items are necessary 

  • measuring cups
  • drinking cups
  • funnels
  • pitchers 
  • bowels and trays
  • Ice cubes

Kids can pour water along with some food-colored items. Ask them to pour from one material to another. Make them entertained with different pouring activities in a light way. Let them be involved in mixing and diluting the content.

Benefit: Pouring station improves their concentration and focus skills to some extent

  • Sensory walk

Shallow plastic tubs filled with different textures for kids' experience may be placed outside. Think about cotton balls, beads, lentils, water, etc. Place water in between the sticky materials. Use shaving cream or sand for the sticky materials. Ask the kid to walk from one tub to another tub. Explore the item in the tub by stepping from one tub to another is the base of the activity. 

Benefit: Improves coordination and balance of the kid.

  • Shape sorting

A large bin is filled with dry beans or noodles for activity. You shall also use rice to fill in. Besides, add different items such as pom poms or buttons in the bin. Now let the kid fish out different shaped items using their fingers or tongs. Ask them to keep the items in a muffin. Now, request them to sort out the items placed based on color and shape. 

Benefit: Enhance motor skills, and improve hand-eye coordination.

Why Sensory play is important?

Sensory play is vital because 

  • It improves kids to learn-kid learn new information by using their senses
  • It enhances language learning skills-kid understands words when they speak about the play
  • It strengthens the social interaction skills of kids-children get to know each other through interactions uring the play
  • Motor skills are improved-Muscles are strengthened during the play.

When you arrange activities for the children, take immense care of them during the play. Play safely to avoid major collapses. The above sensor play helps you to know about the kid's likes and dislikes.

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  • You could get a soft paintbrush and make applying sun cream a game by asking the child to paint themselves with the suncream.

  • My grandson who is 4 years old hates to put on suntan lotion and we have to put it on because he’s sooo..white skined is there anybody have any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ,but all these ideas are great thank you


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