Calming Sensory Sea Lamp

This calming sea lamp can work wonders in improving your child’s sleep habits so the whole family can enjoy a more peaceful home.

Workbook + Pencil Grip Stage 2

The Perfect Pack for your Kid!

TheBright Autism Trace & Learn to write Workbook is a complete line, shapes, numbers, and letters workbook for kids 3-5 years old.

This ergonomic pencil holder allows your child to hold their pencil the right way — on their own terms!

Nighty Night Gummies

Nighty Night Gummies act as a supplement to the Body’s Natural Hormone“Melatonin” to help kids establish proper sleeping patterns, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed

PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil Roll-On -10ML

This PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil -10ML it’s a safe way to relax your child by calming the mind and bringing on a sense of tranquility.

Vocabulary Fun Spelling Game

Match and Spell Board Game: Encourages pre-readers and early readers alike to match the pictures and words to their challenge cards, help little ones learn to spell.

Good Night Pack -15% DISCOUNT

Good Night Pack is designed to comfort your kid and provide him the calmest and peaceful sensation.


*Calming Sensory Sea Lamp

*PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil Roll-On -10ML

*Nighty Night Gummies

*CollisCurve™ - Special Needs Toothbrush (4Pack)

PlantTherapy Study Time Essential Oil Roll-On -10ml

Help your child stay on taskby focusing on what’s in front of them. Whether they struggle at school or lack focus at home, Study Time Oil can help. The essential oils found in this synergy arecalming and balancing to the mind.

Smart Writing Pack (10% DISCOUNT)

Smart Writing Pack is designed to help your kid feel comfortable and secure while learning to write shapes, letters, lines, and numbers.


*Bright Autism - Trace and Learn to Write Workbook

*Learning Pencil Grip Stage 1 (3pack)

*Learning Pencil Grip Stage 2 (3pack)