Tips for Summer Trips with Children

Family enjoying a summer trip

Hello, parents! Summer is just around the corner, and we know that planning a family trip can be both exciting and challenging. That's why we've curated a list of tips and tools to help make your summer adventures more enjoyable and stress-free. From calming travel accessories to ways to handle travel nerves, these suggestions are designed to help you create unforgettable memories while catering to your child's unique needs.

Handling Travel Nerves and Emotions

Traveling can be stressful for children, especially those with autism. Here are some tips to help manage travel nerves and emotions:

  • Practice deep breathing exercises before and during the trip.
  • Bring familiar items from home, such as a favorite toy or blanket.
  • Create a visual schedule to help your child understand what to expect.
  • Use calming products like the Bright Calming Essential Oil to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Keeping a Comfortable Travel Routine

Maintaining a comfortable routine while traveling can be crucial for children with autism. Consider packing items that can make this easier:

  • Calming Oils: The Calming Essential Oil provides a calming effect and can be easily packed in your suitcase.
  • Vibrating Pillow: The Hugger Vibrating Pillow can be used in the car or airplane to help soothe your child during long trips .
  • Calming Lights: To ensure a good night's sleep in unfamiliar environments, consider the Calming Sensory Sea Lamp .

Dealing with Tantrums During Travel

Tantrums can occur during travel, and it's essential to have a plan to handle them calmly and effectively:

  • Stay calm and composed. Your child can sense your stress and anxiety.
  • Distract and redirect their attention to something they enjoy.
  • Use sensory tools for deep pressure stimulation to help calm them down.

Creating a Safe and Fun Environment

Ensuring your child's safety and enjoyment during travel is crucial:

  • Personal Security Apps: Apps like bSafe and Noonlight provide real-time safety alerts and emergency response features.
  • Comfort Items: The Calming Sensory Sea Lamp can create a relaxing environment in your hotel room`[3]`.
  • Engaging Toys: Pack interactive and sensory-friendly toys to keep your child entertained and engaged .

Maintaining Night Routines in Hotels

Maintaining your child's night routine while staying in hotels is vital for their comfort:

  • Bring familiar bedtime items such as the Nighty Night Gummies to help them relax and fall asleep .
  • Use a sensory compression bed sheet: They can provide a secure and cozy feeling, promoting better sleep .
  • Stick to a bedtime routine: Follow the same steps you would at home, such as reading a story or playing calming music.

As you embark on your summer adventures, remember that preparation and the right tools can make a significant difference in creating positive and inclusive travel experiences for your family. From handling travel nerves to maintaining routines, these tips and products will help cater to your child's unique needs. So pack your bags, grab your gadgets, and get ready to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

For more tips and updates, check out the Bright Autism News section. Happy travels!

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