Sweet Dreams Pack

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Sweet Dreams Pack
Sweet Dreams Pack
Sweet Dreams Pack
Sweet Dreams Pack
Sweet Dreams Pack

A good night’s rest isn’t guaranteed for anyone, but it is downright elusive for many people with autism. Individuals on the spectrum often have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Between 44 and 86 percent of children with autism have a serious problem with sleep

There is mounting evidence that too little sleep can exacerbate autism features, such as poor social skills. Children who do not get enough sleep often have more severe repetitive behaviors and a tougher time making friends than other people on the spectrum.

This is why here at Bright Autism we create our Sweet Dreams Pack. 

This pack includes: 

PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil Roll-On -10ML

TightySheet™- Sensory Compression Bed Sheet


PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil Roll-On -10ML

Many of the essential oils mentioned for use for ASD symptoms have a calming or relaxing effect. This may help those with ASD to modify some behaviors.

This PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil -10ML it’s a safe way to relax your child by calming the mind and bringing on a sense of tranquility.

Relaxation and Soothing Blend: KidSafe Calming the Child essential oil is a blend of:

  • Mandarin
  • Orange
  • Tangerine
  • Lavender
  • Roman
  • Chamomile diluted in Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil. 

    Great at bedtime to get a peaceful night’s sleep.


    TightySheet™- Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

    Our sensory sheet helps wiggly kids create perfect bedtime conditions for them to sleep throughout the night. Your child will calm down & reduce fear and stress.

    Key Features:

    • Improves your child's sleep:  you can also help your child relax before bed by reading a book, giving a gentle back massage, or turning on soft music.
    • Comfortable, breathable and Stretchy: your child will enjoy crawling under the fabric and the seclusion it offers him.

    • Compression Support: these compression sheets for kids let you increase or decrease compression as your children grow.
    • Quick and Easy to put: each sensory bed sheet features a wrap around your bed mattress and adjusts to suit your child’s comfort.


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