Electric Massager Hair Brush

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Electric Massager  Hair Brush
Electric Massager  Hair Brush
Electric Massager  Hair Brush
Electric Massager  Hair Brush
Electric Massager  Hair Brush

Ideal for Hair Brushing Overly Sensitive Scalps!

The sensory information processed in people who have autism is different especially when it comes from their bodies during self-care skills. Hair brushing is one of them and it can become a problem if not done daily.

Why the Electric Massager Hair Brush?

  • Stimulate Scalp: The brush will gently massage the scalp, helping create a good environment for hair growth and it can be extremely relaxing for treating high stress/anxiety levels.
  • Strengthens the Hair: help distribute the natural sebum evenly through the hair keeping the shiny locks resilient and strong.
  • Encourages Independence: This brush can be fun because of it vibrating function. 

Sensory Strategies for Hair Brushing:

  • Brush hair twice a day to build up a tolerance. 
  • Apply firm pressure. 
  • Give scalp massage to help desensitize.  
  • Having the person distracted may help, for example watching TV.
  • Have several brushes available for the child to choose from.
  • Brushing in front of a mirror may help tolerance.

  • Use conditioner and detangler spray prior to brushing.
  • Use firm, downward strokes and avoid light strokes.
  • Encourage the person to brush their own hair.
  • Start with a small number of strokes such as 5 to make it predictable, and gradually increase the number.


  • Material:  Plastic
  • Use: 2 x AA battery (not included)


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