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How to raise secure and confident children, while keeping their neurodiversity needs in mind

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May 29th, 2024 at 12 Noon EST


Come interact with other parents and learn strategies on:

  • Raising Secure and Confident Children: Explore deep into practical methods that lay the foundation for your child's emotional well-being and growth.
  • Self-Care for Parents: Discover practices tailored for both moms and dads, fostering resilience and replenishing your spirit amidst life's joys and challenges.
  • Embracing the Spectrum of Feelings: Understand why comprehending the myriad of emotions is essential in navigating the world of neurodiversity.

This webinar is also about forging connections

Engage with fellow parents from the Bright Autism Community in a supportive space where you can find solace in knowing you're not alone on this journey.

Featured Host

Cynthia Eidelman - Marriage & Family Therapist

Cynthia Eidelman

Marriage & Family Therapist from Theramom

Cynthia Eidelman is a bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, turned worldwide Mindset Coach and Inner Peace Activator. Cynthia also created two unique coaching programs The Connected Couple and Mindful Mom Method, as well as a thriving community of confident moms, The Limitless Woman. 

For over a decade she has helped hundreds of families, women and couples improve their connections, communication styles, confidence and family environments. Cynthia is a huge advocate of conscious parenting and healing insecure attachment styles that stem from unresolved childhood experiences. She has been featured as a mental health and family expert in Univision, The Washington Post, Big Life Journal, podcasts like Motherhood village, Mama arcoiris, and many others. When not wearing her coaching hat inside her one of a kind private coaching programs or social media, she can be found at home being a mom of 2 kiddos.